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Jeri Jacquin

On DVD from SHOUT! Factory Kids and Zag is the amazing animated series MIRACULOUS: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Spot On!

Marinette is a young girl who wants to be a fashion designer living in Paris. Attending the College Francoise-Dupont, she is not quite as outgoing as the other kids in school but they do like her. Making things a little difficult for Marinette is that she has a crush on Adrien and can’t tell him.

Someone who wants to see her do just that is bff Alya. Wanting to be a writer, Alya is also a super hero fan, which comes in handy with what is going on around her!

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Paris has a problem, evil is on the street of the city of lights in the form of Hawk Moth who has the power to create super villains. Using his akuma, he has the ability to use people who unknowingly do his bidding.

Marinette has a Kwami that transforms her into Ladybug given to her by the humanoid Tikki. This gives her the ability to stop the villains created by Hawk Moth. What she doesn’t know is that Cat Noir, another super hero, is actually her crush Adrien and he is constantly there for Ladybug.

Trying to stop the evil, Ladybug and Cat Noir are under attack as Hawk Moth tries to take their Miraculous with the attempt to create even more power for himself. Ladybug and Cat Noir aren’t about to let that happen.

Paris has two of the best defenders a city could ask for!

These four episodes begin with The Evillustrator as Hawk Moth drawing evil that comes to life leaving Ladybug and Cat Noir jumping to stop more from happening. In Rogercop, classmate Chloe accuses Marinette of stealing her bracelet! Chloe’s father orders Officer Roger to arrest Chloe and without evidence. Hawk Moth turn good cop into a cop that can’t be controlled by anyone.

Dark Cupid brings love into the school’s air as Marinette discovers a love poem written by Adrien and Tikki believes it is written to her. In girl-like confusion, Kim and Chloe become involved and that’s all Hawk Moth needs to bring a Dark Cupid to their Valentine’s Day.

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The Horrificator has Nino making a movie for a contest. He asks Mylene to be a part of the cast but it is mean Chloe who convinces the young actress that she isn’t good enough. That opens the door for Hawk Moth to turn Mylene into a monster that lives off the fear of others.

Darkblade reveals that Chloe has been using different forms of bribery to keep people from running against her for a class office. Far worse is one of the school’s teachers has been turned into Darkblade by Hawk Moth and an army tries to take over Paris

Finally, The Mime has Mylene’s Dad is performing at the Eiffel Tower but it turns bad when Hawk Moth turns Fred’s partner into a performer who can pantomime anything into reality bringing danger to the people of Paris.

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I really enjoyed MIRACULOUS Ladybug & Cat Noir Spot On! because this is honestly the first time I have seen it. The animation is amazing and with the unique storyline it is easy to see why the Ladybug & Cat Noir series continues to be a huge success on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons.

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The story has all the fantastic components of family, friendship, loyalty, and fun wrapped up in an anime series. What’s even more interesting is that I discovered so many people who knew about this series, including my granddaughter who loves the characters and color. Now I have the opportunity to spend time watching her favorite show with her!

The DVD includes the four episodes The Evillustrator, Rogercop, Dark Cupid, Horrificator, Darkblade and The Mime. Also, there is the bonus feature of Episode Animatics and a comic book with an exclusive cover for fans!

In the end – spot on super heroics that are nothing short of Miraculous!