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On Bluray this week from director/writer Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy and Steve Mallory along with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment are the rules of knowing who is THE BOSS.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy). Being turned away from families, she made it clear early on that she was going to become something all on her own. Becoming the 7th richest person in the world, she has no problem telling people what she thinks or feels.

Especially to her assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) treating her roughly and not really caring about her life. What Michelle doesn’t realize is that watching her from afar is Renault (Peter Dinklage), a former lover and co-worker who is still holding a 25-year old grudge. In an act of revenge, Renault calls the authorities to report Michelle for insider trading.

Sentenced to time in prison, Michelle bides her time. Claire finds a new job working with Mike (Tyler Labine) who has a tad bit of a crush on Claire. Keeping herself busy raising daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson), she is surprised to come home from work to find Michelle on her doorstep. Knowing there is no place for her to go since her assets had been seized; Claire agrees to let her stay until for a while.

Asking Michelle to take Rachel to her Dandelion meeting, Michelle comes up with a wild idea and a way to make money again. Using Claire’s brownie recipe she creates her own troop of girls and sells the brownies!

boss 1

The problem is Michelle still has to deal with Renault who wants to steal what’s hers, dealing with feelings of family and keeping crazy Dandelion Mom Helen (Annie Mumolo) – what’s a bossy ginger to do?

McCarthy as Michelle is a sharply dressed rich lady with a bad attitude about life and family. Thinking only of herself it is inevitable that looking down (sorry Peter) on someone will catch up. McCarthy is just brilliant in this role giving straight forward comedy that truly did have me and mine laughing hysterically and shooting an asner or two. Never eat or drink during a McCarthy movie is what I’m beginning to think. That being said there isn’t anything about this film and her role that I didn’t like.

Bell as Claire is a little less flamboyant but instead doing the ‘television-sweater-loose-bra-wearing’ single Mom who doesn’t really put out an effort to better her situation – financially or romantically. It takes a crazy lady like Michelle to point out her flaws. Bell gets a chance to be a little more dowdy and down to earth as a brownie baking Mom.

boss 5

Dinklage as Renault is a man on a mission of revenge. Feeling he is owed more than a silly apology, the Samurai wanna-be is in destruct mode. I love when Dinklage gets a chance to put in a little comedic time and I have seen him do it well (check out KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM if you don’t believe me!). Spending the last few years in serious Tyrion Lannister mode – this had to have been fun for him.

Anderson as young Rachel is so adorable I can’t stand it. She takes to Michelle when most people would run the other way. She is accepting of the craziness and wants the best for not only her Mom but the lady who is making things difficult. Mumolo as Dandelion Mom Helen is completely insane and the showdown with Michelle is nothing short of Matrix action.

Labine as Mike is what most would consider the average nice guy who really does have a crush on Claire. His “hitting” skills could use a little work but then again the fact that he doesn’t have those skills would make me take notice. There is a scene that Labine had me falling out of my chair and I want to thank him for being such a good sport about it. Yes, you’ll know it when you see it.

Other cast include: Cecily Strong as Dana Dandridge, Mary Sohn as Jan Keller, Eva Peterson as Chrystal, Timothy Simons as Stephan, Aleandra Newcomb as Mariana, Presley Coley as Hannah, Kathy Bates as Ida Marquette and Ben Falcone as Marty.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment once again brings quality comedy to the home library for those who can’t get enough funny. Continuing to add to their vault of fantastic films, THE BOSS is just one current example of what they have to offer those who love expanding their home entertainment library. For more of what they have to offer please visit

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE BOSS four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This must be the year of jaw dropping and thoroughly hilarious inappropriate comedy because my sides are hurting. I love that McCarthy delivers her lines with distain, snap, straight faced and a stare than can kill.

Sitting with my family the laughter got very, very loud! Okay, I was part of that which makes it even more fun. Finally having the Bluray I had the opportunity to hear all the funny stuff I missed in the theatre because everyone was laughing so much – which is a very good thing.

I also loved that Falcone, McCarthy and Mallory had no problem bringing the male jokes in for the ladies to enjoy. Of course it made jaws completely drop (pun intended) and I knew that that alone was cause for me to tell everyone to see it. Hey, it’s time the guys got in on the jokes.

As much as I enjoy Bell as well, it is McCarthy who steals the entire show and I personally don’t have a problem with that in the slightest. She looks great too! I want to throw a shout-out to Kathy Bates who has a small role in the film. Yes Ms. Bates I think everything you have done and continue to do is just frakken fantastic so thanks and it is great to see you outside of a horror story.

The Bluray includes the theatrical version of THE BOSS as well as an unrated version along with the bonus features of Alternate Ending, Deleted Scenes, Extended/Alternate Scenes and a Gag Reel. The Bluray has Exclusives such as Michelle Darnell – Original Sketch, Origin Story, Peter Dinklage Gets to the Point and Everybody Loves Kristin Bell.

So if you’re looking for a whammy of a good laugh then pick up your own copy of THE BOSS!

In the end – watch your assets!