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Coming to DVD for its final season is the amazing series from EntertainmentOne with BITTEN.

Things are heating up as Elena (Laura Vandervoort) is in Stonehaven which is the ancestral home of the pack she wants to defend. She, Nick (Steve Lund) and Clay (Greyston Holt) were suppose to find recruits but are attacked by a pack! When their plans change, Elena discovers a secret that could change her.

As Sasha becomes the hunted by a Russian Alpha, Elena looks for help from Jeremy (Greg Bryk) in order to help. He tries to stop a blood feud between Sasha and Roman but that doesn’t stop Kostantin (Rafael Petardi) from being upset by their protection of Sasha.

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When Marsten (Pascal Langdale) becomes imprisoned, Elena and Clay are once again up another enemy who is out to destroy them. Another surprise is that Rachel’s (Genelle Williams) baby seems to have magic that Paige (Tommie-Amber Pirie) and Nick don’t know how to handle.

Rocco is kidnapped by Katia and Logan (Michael Xavier) knows they must track her down before it’s too late. Elena now knows that she needs Konstantin’s help to stop the bloody feud. Even with the pack pledging to Elena, it doesn’t stop the constant attacks from all around.

Now the death of The Albino (Oliver Becker) starts a new height of vengeance and Elena loses pack members. Deciding that he will take over the pack, Konstantin doesn’t realize that Elena will not allow that to happen.

What happens to Stonehaven will change the destiny of them all!

Vandervoort as Elena has led the charge for the series the entire three years that it played on SyFy. She is an amazing talent and portrayed her character with serious intensity. Each of the characters brought something so amazing to this series that each of them should be proud of what they accomplished with the BITTEN series.

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Fans of this genre are saddened that it has come to an end but having this amazing series on DVD is so much fun to watch with friends. I know because we are having a BITTEN marathon to celebrate and say our goodbyes to our were-friends!

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BITTEN is actually based on a series of books by Kelley Armstrong called Women of the Otherworld. Yes, these books are on my list of must reads.

The DVD includes the episodes Family of Sorts, Our Own Blood, Right Behind You, A Quiet Dog, Of Sonders Weight, Rules of Anger, On the Brink, Tili Tili Bom, Shock the System, and Truth Changes Everything.

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The DVD includes Bonus Features with Deleted Scenes, Extended Scenes and the Featurette: A Look at the Final Season. The three discs total over 441 minutes of entertainment and that is a fantastic look deeper into a series that captivated millions.

 In the end – she is protecting her bloodline!