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July 2016

VIRAL Gets Under the Skin



Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from Radius TWC, Dimension Films, Anchor Bay Entertainment along with directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman is the tale of insanity that goes VIRAL.

Emma (Sofia Black D’Elia) and Stacey (Analeigh Tipton) are sisters living in the suburb going about their teenage life. That is until a mysterious virus begins to spread with no warning through the town. This isn’t just any virus; this virus is a parasite that controls its host creating a flesh eating creature.

Trying to get out of town and to their father, the girls are stopped at a military checkpoint and forced to go back home. Once there they barricade themselves to keep away from the infection that has taken over their street. Joining them are friends Evan (Travis Tope) and CJ (Machine Gun Kelly) who are also looking to survive!

viral 1

When Stacey becomes infected, the others do what they must to keep her even more secluded until they can figure out how to help. Although serious, it becomes even more so when they realize the military is about to rain down on the neighborhoods that have bands of infected waiting to take their evil even more viral.

It is a battle of good versus viral!

D’Elia as Emma is a strong teen who, in my opinion, is extremely clever and thinks things through. I tell you that the bathroom scene with her sister (without spoiling it) creeped me out totally but I also couldn’t stop watching. Awesome. D’Elia is a strong teen but she is also everything a teen should be meaning freaked out, totally on edge and even thinking about a little romance thrown in.

Tipton as Stacey brings creepy infected to a whole new level. She also has an awesome scream that comes from down deep and I’m not so sure I’d want to be in the same room when she lets loose. Even after munching on her friends I felt sorry for her situation, or maybe that’s just the Mom in me that is thinking “well, a teen has to eat right?”

Tope as Evan takes on a strong role wanting to make sure he is keenly aware of what is going on outside the house knowing that is what will save them. Kelly as CJ gets a chance to outwit and outmatch the viral-inians when I thought he would have been the first to go. Goes to show how versatile being a teen in an apocalyptic world pays off.

viral 2

Other cast include: Michael Kelly as Michael Drakeford, John Cothran as Mr. Toomey, Stoney Westmoreland as Bill, Linzie Gray as Gracie Lemay, and Brianne Howey as Tara Dannelly.

TWC along with Dimension Films has put together some amazing films with 351 Oscar nominations and 82 Academy Awards. Since 2005 they have released such memorable films as INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, THE KING’S SPEECH, THE ARTIST, SILVER LINGINGS PLAYBOOK, DJANGO UNCHAINED, PHILOMENA, THE IMITATION GAME THE HATEFUL EIGHT and so many more.

Anchor Bay Entertainment continues to release a diverse array of films in the home entertainment market. Including STARZ Original series to children’s entertainment, all can be found on Bluray and DVD formats. For more of what they have to offer to expand your own home media library please visit

VIRAL is the classic horror without to much gore. Anytime you put a creepy creature inside human beings to see what they’ll do next I’m all in. The teens are put through their paces starting out in normal teen mode to having to put all they know into action to survive.

viral 3

The film is held together by four cast members who run through every gambit of emotion and still manage to kick in the basic survival instincts. The ‘creatures’ are pretty awesome and although I could pick apart things here and there that remind me of other films like VIRAL, I don’t mind it so much.

In fact I enjoy when an idea like creepy crawly things invading humans gets a chance to go a step further and that’s what VIRAL does.

The films producer Jason Blum is also responsible for the smash 2010 fright film INSIDIOUS (which is one of my favorites) as well as THE VISIT and THE PURGE. Directors Joost and Schulman freaked us all out with the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films so all three of these creators know a thing or two about making us all cringe!

So get your turtleneck sweaters handy because you are going to want to always wear one after this film and I love it!

In the end – family bonds won’t be enough!

HUMPBACK WHALES Delights on 4K UHD and Bluray

humpback cover


Jeri Jacquin

For the most amazing experience from Shout! Factory and Academy Award nominee director Greg MacGillivray is the 4K UHD and Bluray HUMPBACK WHALES presented by Pacific Life.

Originally screened in IMAX and Giant Screen theatres, HUMPBACK WHALES is narrated by Golden Globe nominee Ewan McGregor telling the story of these majestic creatures. Following the Humpback Whales in Alaska, Hawaii and the island of Tonga, this film gives all of us (and who doesn’t) who love whales a closer look at their watery lives.


These large gentle giants not only have beautiful songs but are quite graceful in the water and even playful jumping to heights that are just stunning to watch. If that isn’t amazing enough, these 55-foot 50-ton creatures migrate 10,000 miles a year. Nearly killed into extinction, the researches show how their comeback is slow but happening.

There isn’t a moment in this forty minute piece that isn’t amazing to the eye and joyful to the heart. This presentation is so beautifully done that I was actually a little sad when it ended. I wanted to know more and especially see more of the humpbacks swimming, singing and jumping.

Shout! Factory is proud to be the only independent studio releasing films in the new 4K UHD format, and Humpback Whales is part of an exciting slate that includes the incredible critically acclaimed and award-winning odysseys Journey to Space (June 7), Flight of the Butterflies (July 12), Rocky Mountain Express (July 12), Wonders Of The Arctic (Sept. 13), and The Last Reef: Cities Beneath The Sea (Sept. 13).

whales 2

SHOUT! Factory is devoted to bringing the best of pop culture to fans. From feature films, classic television series, animation and comedy specials are all available to add to your own home library. To see more of what they have to offer please visit

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give HUMPBACK WHALES five tubs of popcorn out of five. I absolutely love this film and it’s mainly because a species of whale that could easily have gone extinct, has fought its way back. What a loss to the planet had this happened so the film allows us to rejoice in knowing they will continue to thrive and grow in numbers.

The film is so stunningly shot and I would expect nothing less with the story director MacGillivray wanted to convey. Most films have characters who speak their own story and even with McGregor’s narration, it is the whales that show us their lives through their graceful motions and playfulness.

whales 3

The camera captures not only the stunning blue ocean that most never get to see, but the humpback whales with their families which again is something most of the human race will never get to see. Without films such as HUMPBACK WHALES, it would be flat photos that most of us would see of the whales.

Pardon the pun but this is a whale of a tale that anyone who loves the wild and the creatures in it should experience with their entire family. I would actually love to see this film shown in schools that specialize in marine biology as a teachable forty minutes of delight.

In the end – beauty comes in a tremendous size!

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR Comes to DVD and Your Chance to Win a Bit of Nick Jonas!



Jeri Jacquin

On DVD this Tuesday from director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum and Anchor Bay Entertainment comes the truest statement ever made when told to CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

Doug Martin (Nick Jonas) is a young man who likes hanging out with his friends and earning extra money working on boats. Along with friend Carson (Graham Rogers) they plan to enjoy every moment of the sunshine before Doug goes off to college.

Moving in next door is Elliot Harper (Dermot Mulroney), a man who has plenty of money and hires Doug to work on his boat. That is when he meets Harper’s wife Lena (Isabel Lucas) who is very young and extremely beautiful. Harper treats his wife more like a possession and Doug sees right away that she isn’t very happy.

care 1

It doesn’t take much for Lena to seduce young Doug and an affair begins between them. As each encounter becomes more and more dangerous, Lena tells Doug that her husband is physically abusive. Talking about a way out of the situation becomes a mute point when a call sends Doug running to Lena.

On the floor is Harper and now the lives of two people are in far more danger as the town lawman Sheriff Big Jack (Paul Sorvino) tries to piece together exactly what has happened. When Angie Alvarez (Kandyse McClure) begins to look for answers before handing over an insurance check, both Doug and Lena do what they must to keep themselves clear.

Jonas as Doug plays the young man in love to the hilt. Wanting to save the damsel from the clutches of her abusive husband, Jonas’ character jumps in without thinking. The consequences are one bad decision after another. I really enjoyed the portrayal of this young man because (and this is important) I forgot it was Jonas! As he unravels the mystery it is cool to watch Jonas go full tilt.

Lucas as Lena is definitely a woman with a plan. Clearly easy to seduce any guy within ten feet of her bikini clad bog, Doug is her man of choice. Lucas has the looks and voice to sell snow to an Eskimo in the dead of winter and that’s what it takes to get the role done.

care 2

Mulroney as husband Elliot clearly doesn’t care about anything but himself and maybe his boat. When Mulroney wants to portray a douchebag, he gets into it and lets the narcissist pour out. Well done!

Rogers as Carson is a friend who just wants to be a kid for one last summer. McClure as Angie is looking to find out who is responsible for a death and why they deserve a big fat check! It’s not easy being an insurance rep.

Sorvino as Sherriff Big Jack is the type of law enforcement guy I’d want working on any case I needed help with. He sits back and lets people trap themselves! No pushing or shoving, just calmly collect evidence and ask the right questions with a full coffee mug in his hand. It’s actually good to see Sorvino on the screen again.

Cast also includes: Alex Ter Avest as Emma Shalloway, David Sherrill as Brian Martin, Marc Macaulay as Gordon, and Kiki Harris as Emily Martin.

Anchor Bay brings amazing entertainment to those extending their media library and is also celebrating their 20th Anniversary. From theatrical to home release, Anchor Bay brings STARZ Original series, AMC Network series, The Weinstein Company, Radius, children’s entertainment, fitness, and sports to fans. To discover more of what Anchor Bay Entertainment has to offer, please visit

careful 3

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR three tubs of popcorn out of five. The story is fairly straight forward with a few turns. The interesting part of the film is that it reminded me of the old black and white films of mystery, affairs and the coppers hot on the trail of finding answers. In that respect it is easy to see how the film can capture the audience.

It’s a love thriller with more twists than a pretzel. Of course that means you can’t blink through the entire film or you’ll miss something. This film is well played from start to finish. It is the cast that truly give CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR some serious chops.

Just to tempt you further we are offering up Nick Jonas in a prize pack of CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…okay, so we are offering up a poster signed by Nick Jonas which is equally as awesome. Go to to find out how you can enter!

In the end – young love isn’t easy!

TRAIN TO BUSAN is Brilliant for Zombie Lovers

train poster


Jeri Jacquin

In theatres from writer/director Sang-ho Yeon and Well Go USA Entertainment comes one of the hottest genre of films so prepare to board the TRAIN TO BUSAN.

Seok-woo (Gong Yoo) is working hard in the business world of South Korea trying to provide a living for daughter Su-an (Kim Soo-ahn) and his mother. Working becomes so much his focus that he doesn’t make time to even make it to Su-an’s recital. As her birthday approaches, the little girl wants nothing more than to see her mother.

Trying to make amends to Su-an, Seok-woo agrees to take her on the train to Busan to see her mother. Watching the television on the train, he sees that something is happening all around but no one is quite sure what it is. Everyone on the train including Seok-woo will find out horrifyingly fast.

train to 1

People have become infected with a virus that turns them into flesh eaters and the train isn’t about to get a break from it. A young woman who jumps onto the train trying to get away from a hoard brings the misery aboard.

Now Seok-woo must muster up every ounce of courage if he is to save his daughter. The selfishness he has become accustomed too won’t do in the face of what ever has taken over the train. He begins to work together with the others who also help to protect Su-an to keep the infected at bay long enough to get the train to Busan.

To survive it will take sacrifice and more courage than any of them realized they had!

Yoo as Seok-woo is definitely a man who wants to control every situation around him. From his job to dealing with an ex-wife, he keeps things moving to the beat of his own drum. That all pretty much changes after seeing the first zombie come to life, but then again I think that would change anyone’s attitude.

train to 2

Kim Soo-ahn as Su-an is adorable, smart, affectionate and not afraid to tell it like it is, even if it happens with tears in her eyes. She is sharp and knows that something is up even before the other passengers. Su-an doesn’t have much to say so trust me when I tell you that when she speaks – listen!

Director Sang-ho Yeon has been seriously busy wearing both hats as writer and director to other films such as THE KING OF PIGS, THE FAKE and SEOUL STATION (and you can add producer to the latter as well). In TRAIN TO BUSAN I think he has found a creative niche that gave this film serious awesomeness!

Well Go USA Entertainment once again provides the best in action and independent films from the US and around the world. Well Go’s titles can be seen in theatres, digital, subscription and VOD as well as broadcast television. For more of what they have to offer please visit TRAIN TO BUSAN has a running time of 118 minutes.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give TRAIN TO BUSAN five tubs of popcorn out of five. I was totally engaged from start to finish (even if I did want to smack Seok-woo a few times). Every character had their own story and it was allowed to play itself out in such a way that I didn’t feel cheated although I might have done an “awwww really??” a time or two but in a good way.

train 3

From a couple expecting their first child, a team of baseball players, two lifelong friends, a greedy corporate passenger and more round out a cast that characterize the panic anyone would have on a train. That’s what also makes this film unique, they are in a confined space with limited options and hunger flesh eaters at every turn.

That’s what makes zombie films so awesome is that there are no set rules which means anything is possible. The zombie affects are frakken amazing in their own right. Every scene from inside the train is magnificently done, the hoard’s of zombies piling together to catch a train had my jaw dropping and the fight from car to car was clever in every sense of the word.

I’m sure by now everyone knows I’m a huge fan of the zombie genre and will watch anything with the hungry little buggers. TRAIN TO BUSAN is thoroughly cool in that new ideas have been brought into the mix and no one is spared – THAT’S what makes a memorable and talked about zombie film.

In the end – this film takes ticket punching to a whole new level!

JASON BOURNE Looks for Answers

Jason poster


Jeri Jacquin

Taking one last swing at answers to his life this week in theatres from writer/director Paul Greengrass and Universal Pictures is the man known as JASON BOURNE.

Living his life completely off the grid, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is living fist to someone else’s mouth. So too has Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) who continues to attempt to hack into the CIA files and discover their secrets. One she didn’t expect to find was more information on Jason Bourne. Knowing what she found would be important to him, she tracks him down.

Jason 1

Bourne agrees to meet with Nicky and almost immediately chaos ensues as the CIA becomes aware of his presence. CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) isn’t about to let Bourne get away and working with Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander) they send out their Asset (Vincent Cassel) to ‘neutralize’ him.

That’s when the chase begins and Bourne learns there is more behind what his father knew and when he knew it. What he doesn’t understand is why Heather seems to be helping him at every turn. Knowing the cat and mouse game is going no where, Bourne decides its time to go straight to the source.

During a convention in Las Vegas as Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed) who has been working with the CIA is about to release a new program, Bourne discovers what is really going down. Between avoiding the Asset and getting answers from Dewey, he has his hands full of action, intrigue and staying one step ahead of everyone else.

That’s because he’s Jason Bourne.

Jason 2

Damon as Bourne really has taken this character through so many different levels. That being said I do hope that this character has finally been put to rest and let me tell you why. Bourne is smarter than everyone he has gone up against and yet, somehow, they seem to forget that when chasing him. I like this character and I would rather he go out on a good note than come back for one last hoorah!

Vikander as Heather is a woman who knows what she wants and has no problem doing what ever it takes to further her career. Upset with Dewey, she isn’t about to make his hunt for Bourne easy. Vikander gives her character the right amount of two-faced-ness so no one will ever be quite sure what she’s up to.

Jones as Dewey has a history with Bourne that comes to the surface. I love when Jones plays the bad guy and does it without twitching, one of Hollywood’s greats to be sure. Cassell as Asset gets to make a lot of mean faces, doesn’t really say a lot and lets his weaponry speak for him.

Kalloor as Ahmed is woven into the story but I’m not really sure it was necessary. Vinzenz Kiefer plays Christian Dassault who works with Parsons and just wants the facts ma’m, just the facts because ‘people have a right to know’ (oldest line ever).

Jason 3

Other cast include: Ato Essandoh as Craig Jeffers, Scott Shepherd as Director NI Edwin Russell, Bill Camp as Malcolm Smith, and Stephen Kunken as Baumen.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give JASON BOURNE three tubs of popcorn out of five. I don’t really have a grip against the film, I just found it fairly predictable. There is plenty of action, chase scenes, fist fighting and a ‘who do you trust’ scenario to go around. Now that Bourne has found the answers to his burning questions, I say he find a tropical island somewhere and settle down with an ocean view and a pina colada.

I think Bourne deserves to go out with answers and satisfaction which makes talking any more about the story impossible without spoiling it and frankly, I’m not into that. So if you’re itching to know what he knows then call up a bunch of friends who want to have an action packed night out and toast to the one and only JASON BOURNE.

In the end – you know his name!

THE BOSS Hits Bluray and Your Funny Bone!



Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray this week from director/writer Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy and Steve Mallory along with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment are the rules of knowing who is THE BOSS.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy). Being turned away from families, she made it clear early on that she was going to become something all on her own. Becoming the 7th richest person in the world, she has no problem telling people what she thinks or feels.

Especially to her assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) treating her roughly and not really caring about her life. What Michelle doesn’t realize is that watching her from afar is Renault (Peter Dinklage), a former lover and co-worker who is still holding a 25-year old grudge. In an act of revenge, Renault calls the authorities to report Michelle for insider trading.

Sentenced to time in prison, Michelle bides her time. Claire finds a new job working with Mike (Tyler Labine) who has a tad bit of a crush on Claire. Keeping herself busy raising daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson), she is surprised to come home from work to find Michelle on her doorstep. Knowing there is no place for her to go since her assets had been seized; Claire agrees to let her stay until for a while.

Asking Michelle to take Rachel to her Dandelion meeting, Michelle comes up with a wild idea and a way to make money again. Using Claire’s brownie recipe she creates her own troop of girls and sells the brownies!

boss 1

The problem is Michelle still has to deal with Renault who wants to steal what’s hers, dealing with feelings of family and keeping crazy Dandelion Mom Helen (Annie Mumolo) – what’s a bossy ginger to do?

McCarthy as Michelle is a sharply dressed rich lady with a bad attitude about life and family. Thinking only of herself it is inevitable that looking down (sorry Peter) on someone will catch up. McCarthy is just brilliant in this role giving straight forward comedy that truly did have me and mine laughing hysterically and shooting an asner or two. Never eat or drink during a McCarthy movie is what I’m beginning to think. That being said there isn’t anything about this film and her role that I didn’t like.

Bell as Claire is a little less flamboyant but instead doing the ‘television-sweater-loose-bra-wearing’ single Mom who doesn’t really put out an effort to better her situation – financially or romantically. It takes a crazy lady like Michelle to point out her flaws. Bell gets a chance to be a little more dowdy and down to earth as a brownie baking Mom.

boss 5

Dinklage as Renault is a man on a mission of revenge. Feeling he is owed more than a silly apology, the Samurai wanna-be is in destruct mode. I love when Dinklage gets a chance to put in a little comedic time and I have seen him do it well (check out KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM if you don’t believe me!). Spending the last few years in serious Tyrion Lannister mode – this had to have been fun for him.

Anderson as young Rachel is so adorable I can’t stand it. She takes to Michelle when most people would run the other way. She is accepting of the craziness and wants the best for not only her Mom but the lady who is making things difficult. Mumolo as Dandelion Mom Helen is completely insane and the showdown with Michelle is nothing short of Matrix action.

Labine as Mike is what most would consider the average nice guy who really does have a crush on Claire. His “hitting” skills could use a little work but then again the fact that he doesn’t have those skills would make me take notice. There is a scene that Labine had me falling out of my chair and I want to thank him for being such a good sport about it. Yes, you’ll know it when you see it.

Other cast include: Cecily Strong as Dana Dandridge, Mary Sohn as Jan Keller, Eva Peterson as Chrystal, Timothy Simons as Stephan, Aleandra Newcomb as Mariana, Presley Coley as Hannah, Kathy Bates as Ida Marquette and Ben Falcone as Marty.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment once again brings quality comedy to the home library for those who can’t get enough funny. Continuing to add to their vault of fantastic films, THE BOSS is just one current example of what they have to offer those who love expanding their home entertainment library. For more of what they have to offer please visit

boss 4

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE BOSS four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This must be the year of jaw dropping and thoroughly hilarious inappropriate comedy because my sides are hurting. I love that McCarthy delivers her lines with distain, snap, straight faced and a stare than can kill.

Sitting with my family the laughter got very, very loud! Okay, I was part of that which makes it even more fun. Finally having the Bluray I had the opportunity to hear all the funny stuff I missed in the theatre because everyone was laughing so much – which is a very good thing.

I also loved that Falcone, McCarthy and Mallory had no problem bringing the male jokes in for the ladies to enjoy. Of course it made jaws completely drop (pun intended) and I knew that that alone was cause for me to tell everyone to see it. Hey, it’s time the guys got in on the jokes.

As much as I enjoy Bell as well, it is McCarthy who steals the entire show and I personally don’t have a problem with that in the slightest. She looks great too! I want to throw a shout-out to Kathy Bates who has a small role in the film. Yes Ms. Bates I think everything you have done and continue to do is just frakken fantastic so thanks and it is great to see you outside of a horror story.

The Bluray includes the theatrical version of THE BOSS as well as an unrated version along with the bonus features of Alternate Ending, Deleted Scenes, Extended/Alternate Scenes and a Gag Reel. The Bluray has Exclusives such as Michelle Darnell – Original Sketch, Origin Story, Peter Dinklage Gets to the Point and Everybody Loves Kristin Bell.

So if you’re looking for a whammy of a good laugh then pick up your own copy of THE BOSS!

In the end – watch your assets!


Comic Con 1


Jeri Jacquin

San Diego is in the middle of very warm heat wave but that isn’t stopping fans from heading out and lining up for more coming this Saturday. Trust me when I say Friday was jammed packed and I have the barking dawg’s (meaning my feet) to show for it.

That being said worry not – there will be in-depth articles coming on favorite shows, new series this fall and films coming to a theatre near you! Let’s get to Saturdays schedule so you can plan your day!

I have to admit that this next show is a serious guilty pleasure of mine, oh heck, I’ll admit they pretty much all are ranked up there! ABC’s Once Upon A Time is the first and I love the characters and the twists creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz come up with. Fans will be shown an exclusive sneak peek of the show’s fall return.

once Sat 1

Keifer Sutherland returns in the new ABC series Designated Survivor as SDCC brings a screening of the and a panel that is sure to include some surprising guests.

The CW’s The Vampire Diaries will be bringing a special video presentation along with a Q&A. The Originals has become so dang good that I can’t stand waiting a week in between episodes. These vampires are a handful and along with a wolf pack it is clear I’m hooked so hurry up fall season! Yes, your favorite vampires will be there as well.


The morning also brings back a trio of iconic little ladies with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup also known as The Powderpuff Girls! Of course my cohort Jenise was a huge fan of these three girls when she was but a girl herself. Now, with a daughter of her own, she is thrilled that the show is returning to a new generation.

powderpuff girls

Of course SDCC would never let an anniversary go by and Star Trek 50 is no exception. In Hall H there will be a celebration of five decades flying through the universe pushing that final frontier. Part of the stellar panel is William Shatner, Scott Bakula, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan and Brent Spiner. Part of the celebration is the excitement of the new Star Trek television series coming in 2017 on CBS.

FOX also bringing a special video presentation as well as a Q&A for the series Gotham with the Season 3 premier on September 19th. That’s not all! Ballroom 20 wouldn’t be complete without Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and Arrow. What an fantastic look at what’s coming this fall. Also, the charming Lucifer brings scoops on a devilish second season.

Warner Bros. Television will be highlighting new shows that are coming soon with Riverdale, Frequency and Time After Time. The best is that each of these series will present their pilot episodes and on very large screens which is always fun.

NBC brings Blindspot along with cast members Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza and Ashley Johnson along with writer/producer Martin Gero.


SyFy returns with The Expanse to discuss the ending of season one. Also, The Magicians brings cast and teasers to talk about the new season. SyFy is also bringing Incorporated with an exclusive screening and a story set in the future from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

From the cable network STARZ comes the Season 2 premier of the frakken awesome Ash vs. the Evil Dead and trust me if you haven’t seen this show I have to wonder if we can be friends until you do!


Another amazing event is the 30th Anniversary of ALIENS. James Cameron, Gale Anne Hurd, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen, Michael Biehn and Paul Reiser return to look back at an iconic series of films that is still a hit with fans today.


That is what is going on inside from dawn till way past dusk which gives everyone more time to jump into the outdoor fun. Everyone I know has been hitting up all the outdoor interactive events and after that make sure to hit the Exhibit Hall one more time because after Sunday we have to wait another year. Actually that’s about how much time it will take for all of us to recover but we love every minute of it.

Enjoy your Saturday with family, friends and new friends and remember to be safe but have the time of your life!


Comic Con 1


Jeri Jacquin

Oh goodness it seems that a warm up is all around this year’s SDCC but that isn’t stopping anyone from partaking in everything! Today all the outdoor events went up and are running which means the fun has truly begun and with all the events moving into high gear, Friday-Day Two is going to be even richer.

Let’s get straight into what panels are catching my eye!

First thing in the morning is Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe which will have a Q&A with Zach Callison who is the voice of Steven. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this show you certainly should.

For my granddaughter I’m going to have to stop in to see the My Little Pony sneak peek at the rest of Season Six and the new MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRLS: Legend of Everfree film that is being released this fall.

my little pony equestria

After a morning of animation I definitely must stop in to see Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion discuss Season Two of Con Man. Of course I am a Fillion fan and can’t wait to hear what he has to say because you can bet money it will be off the cuff and hilarious.

I am truly excited to see the Nobility screening with a truly amazing cast consisting of Doug Jones, Walter Koenig, Christopher Judge and Darren Jacobs for starters. In Ballroom 20 I can pretty much guarantee that getting a seat is going to be rough because of the FOX series Bones saying its final goodbye to fans and Comic Con ending their amazing twelve year run.

The Mighty Morphine Power Rangers: It’s Morphin Time! is a new comic series based on the ‘90s live action children’s series that are going to bring lots of people in costume to see what is new and morphing.

If you can believe it, it has been 20 years since the first RESIDENT EVIL and now a celebration with the panel will treat fans talking about the series that has become iconic.

Wondering what’s happening in Hall H? Well, AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead makes it’s appearance with cast Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane, Alycia Carey, Lorenzo Henrie, Mercedes Mason and Colman Domingo along with Robert Kirkman and Gale Ann Hurd to discuss where the series left off in May.

fear the walking dead

If you have time and zombies are not what you are looking for there is always Space Command: Bold Adventures in the Far Reaches of Space with Doug Jones, Bill Mumy, Bob Picardo, Bruce Boxleitner and Christina Moses.

Looking for adult animation? How about [adult swim]’s Robot Chicken and a behind-the scenes look at footage from the series. Later in the day the animated series Samurai Jack gives fans a look behind the silk screen to the adventure that captivated me years and years ago.

Of course the CW is bringing The 100 giving fans a peek at what comes next after the last season’s finale. With the defeat of ALIE and The City of Light in ruins there is not a moment to waste as the radiation level continues to rise.

the 100

AMC puts their zombies back to back as The Walking Dead makes its way to Hall H to a frenzy of fans who want to the answer to the biggest question at the end of the last season – who did Negan take out? Now you know no one on the panel is going to give it away but it is certainly fun trying. Let me tell you this much, with each cast member being introduced to the panel, the screams can make you go deaf for a bit so prepare!

No one is going to leave Hall H because the next panel is equally as intense as HBO brings Game of Thrones to the stage. The end of the last season has left fans totally shocked because the players may have changed but the game is still the same.

STARZ also brings their new series American Gods to fans that have become excited about what this cable network has been bringing. STARZ brings the cast together to preview this new highly anticipated series.

A&E returns to SDCC with Bates Motel bringing Vera Famiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot and Nestor Carbonell to answer questions and reveal exclusive content for the new season.

game of thrones

Since starting off the day with animation it only seems fair that I finish my day the same way! Bob’s Burgers returns with the vocally comical cast and a panel that is going to be loaded with double entendres and footage that will make your friends jealous.

Southpark returns for it’s 20th season (yes, I said 20th – do you feel the grey?),Chris Hardwick will be hosting the panel discussing the 267 episodes and do what Comic Con does best, give fans a sneak peek to the new season.

It must be said that SDCC would not be SDCC without the FX series Archer. H. Jon Benjamin who voices Sterling Archer, Aisha Tyler as Lana Kane, Jessica Walter as Malory Archer and more will tempt fans with laughter and what is to come in the new season.

Also on the list of ‘must-see’ is WGN America series Salem, the CW series iZombie, the highly anticipated new FOX series The Exorcist, the return of Scream Queens.


Another panel that is going to be absolutely crowded is HISTORY’s Vikings and yes, before you even ask, Travis Fimmel who plays Ragnar will be there along with Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Gustaf Skarsgard, Alyssa Sutherland and Alexander Ludwig. HISTORY brings a look at the new season coming soon.

Finally, da-da-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… the SyFy film SHARKNADO: The 4th Awakens will be biting fans as Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Tommy Davidson, Ryan Newman, and Stacey Dash return for the next installment coming to our television screen on July 31. Get downtown and sink your teeth into the sharks roaming the streets of downtown looking for their next victim!


And people wonder why I’m exhausted when SDCC finishes up on Sunday! This is just what is available for fans on Friday so can you imagine Saturday? Well you should. I will make sure to let you know what’s coming and will share with you outside events that are happening before SDCC wraps up on Sunday.



Comic Con 1


Jeri Jacquin and Jenise Jacquin


PREVIEW NIGHT and First Day – Thursday

Has it been another year already? Every year I say that to myself gearing up to take on what has become iconic in San Diego. Hotel rooms are over flowing with the thousands who come from all over the world to enjoy everything that SDCC has to offer.

Let us not forget those who live right here in San Diego who are gearing up, dressing up and staying pumped up! It’s like Christmas in the convention hall as vendors bring amazing treats from the newest graphic novels, comic books and all things very cool.

The studios bring their newest works that will be hitting theatres along with the stars that will fill Hall H to its brim. Television brings their fans not only ongoing shows but also introduce us to what will be coming soon to our viewing line up.


What is even more awesome is that Comic Con has spilled over into the streets of downtown San Diego in the parking lot of Petco Park, along the Bay Front and something can be found on almost every street.

This is what makes Comic Con to unique in that if you didn’t get a badge it doesn’t mean you miss out on the fun. There are so many things to see, do and experience so break out your best and most comfortable pair of tennis shoes and join myself, Film Brat and Comic Con Baby on a walk through all the excitement!

Tonight begins with Preview Night but this year it is so much more than that. Warner Bros. Television brought their exclusive world premier screenings of the pilot episodes to five new shoes coming soon. They included Riverdale, Powerless, People of Earth, Frequency, Time After Time and Teen Titans Go!

trolls 11

Also, the new STAR TREK BEYOND was unveiled at the Embarcadero Marina Park to those lucky enough to have a golden ticket! Sitting in an outdoor theatre this is the first ever outdoor IMAX event where almost 3,000 people sat next to San Diego bay to be a part of something amazing.

If you were wondering about the commotion in the sky, fireworks – what better way to celebrate fifty years of STAR TREK and all beginning from a sci-fi television series? A series that has become iconic in characters, both good and evil, to becoming a huge part of our culture. From the Star Trek theme that is equally memorable the evening took us all to the final frontier!

What a fantastic way to open San Diego Comic Con right? Oh but don’t worry, we will be bringing you daily updates of what is happening!

star trek

Thursday promises DreamWorks Animation in Hall H with their presentation of the film TROLLS. Open Roads Films offers up Oliver Stones’ next piece with SNOWDEN starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

CBS Televisions line up includes Scorpion, American Gothic and MacGyver. The USA Network will World Premier the new drama Falling Water created by The Walking Dead’s Gale Anne Hurd. They also have a panel for the series The Colony and Mr. Robot for fans.

FOX brings their panels with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Strain and Teen Wolf.  TNT offers up The Last Ship with a panel as well as an exclusive Sneak Peek for its third season. FX brings more horror with The Strain and the munchers are definitely back!

HBO returns with Silicon Valley for a panel discussion about its third season with recently wrapped up. MTV also returns with Teen Wolf with executive producer Jeff Davis and a look at the upcoming season.

teen wolf

AMAZON’s new series The Man in the High Castle is returning to Comic Con and make sure to check out their interactive set up as well.

Also, the list is endless of panels and presentations for graphic artist, breaking into the world of comic books, and spotlighting authors such as Sarah J. Maas and her work Throne of Glass.

the strain

 Not enough? Well there is the CARTOON NETWORK COSTUME BALL happening where dressing down is unacceptable! Cartoon Network will show clips of show favorites, show things never seen before and win some cool prizes. Seriously, isn’t that the best way to end the day?

We will be back to set you up for Friday’s selection of fun and remember – have fun, get out and enjoy our beautiful city and most of all – be safe!

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