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This week from director Dexter Fletcher and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes flight like no other with EDDIE THE EAGLE.

Eddie Edwards (Taron Egerton) isn’t your average athlete. Being told he isn’t good enough doesn’t seem to stop him either. In 1988 Eddie gets the idea to become a ski-jumper and become good enough to make the Olympic team. Mom Janette (Jo Hartley) believes in her son totally but Dad Terry (Keith Allen) is the total opposite and doesn’t mind saying so.

Of course he’s going to need more than just a little help. Eddie looks to Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman) for guidance but his choice of a coach doesn’t start out on a happy note when Peary only agrees to help him “land without killing” himself.

That isn’t Eddie’s only problem however as a disgruntled and stuck-up Olympic committee raises the qualifier to be on the 1988 Winter Olympic team. What they didn’t expect was a determined young man who has found something that not only gives him joy but is brave enough to be good at.

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This skier is going to find his wings and no one will stop him!

Egerton as Eddie is absolutely brilliant. Watching all those around him make his life a little less enjoyable, he doesn’t use it as an excuse to drop a dream. I love Egerton’s facial expressions whether they be of joy or sadness he has the uncanny ability to get every ounce of reaction out of me. That, my friends, is how good acting is done.

Jackman as Peary gets to be a hardened ex-skier who is still holding his own grudges about his experiences. Trying to dissuade the young man, he becomes irritated and isn’t exactly supportive until he realizes its either help this kid or watch him get squashed on the hill. When it all turns around Jackman pours on the charm that we all love him for, well, lets be honest, cranky or charming he wins us over.

Hartley as Janette is everything we’d expect of a supportive Mom, even so much as taking money set aside for herself and giving every dime willing to help her son succeed. She’s a good egg by me! Allen as Terry doesn’t give his boy much support but instead inflicts that psychological “you can’t do it” jab which has the opposite affect on his son.

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Other cast include: Tim McInnerny as Dustin Target, Edvin Endre as Matti Nykanen, Marc Benjamin as Lars Holbin, and Iris Berben as Petra.

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I just loved EDDIE THE EAGLE for so many different reasons. Of course the story is based on the true story of this young man and it does have it gitchy moments by that for me, only gives the film more charm. Watching this young man have a dream that seemed impossible and to achieve it is another great example for us all.

The film is brilliantly done in the sense that I’d love to sit with my family and watch it again because it is just that, a film with lessons for us all. As parents we need to always be supportive of a dream even if we might think it unreachable because more than once a parent has been proven wrong.

Also, having our kids view a film that brings a relatable character that saw odds not as barriers but instead just a reason to fly higher and farther. Yes, this young man wasn’t exactly treated well by his ‘fellow’ athletes but that didn’t stop him from the joys of his goal.

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The Bluray also contains the Special Features of Let the Games Begin: Soaring with EDDIE THE EAGLE Documentary *All or Nothing: The Hero’s Heart *An Unlikely Friendship: Eddie & Peary * Attitude is Altitude: Filming the Ski Jumps and a Still Gallery from the film.

This film is filled with love, acceptance, forgiveness, joy and the sheer delight of finding one’s wings!

In the end – this film is inspired by a dream come true!