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Jeri Jacquin

This week from writer/director Johannes Roberts and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a chilling tale of what scares on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR.

Living in Asia has been an experience for Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies), husband Michael (Jeremy Sisto) and their two children. Living in a beautiful home surrounded by a lovely garden is something Maria has come to enjoy.

When a car accident kills their young son Oliver (Logan Creran), Maria has a difficult time and is plagued by bad dreams. House help Piki (Suchitra Pillai) offers the grieving mother a chance to speak with him one more time and find peace.

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At a temple in a secluded place, Maria is told she can have her moment with the condition that she not open the door, speak with her son but do not open the door. Moved by it all, Maria can not hold back her grief and something is now in the dark with her. Daughter Lucy (Sofia Rosinsky) is in danger as the evil comes home.

Callies as Maria is a devastated mother who can not shake the blame for the accident that took her son. I enjoyed her performance in that it was straight forward crazy with all the scary needed to make me keep the lights on.

Sisto as Michael can’t comprehend what his wife is going through. Worried about the things she is saying and doing, his concern not turns to Lucy but it might be too late.

Rosinky as Lucy is a very smart young lady who knows what’s happening even before the adults do! Creran as Oliver gets the best role – to be a total hot mess in a good way and creepy.

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Pillai as Piki knows from the moment she tries to help that her decision will cost everyone and I mean everyone.

Other cast include Javier Botet as Myrtu, Mishti Bangera as Anushka and Amayeet Singh as Aghori.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is amazing to once again bring just what fans want for their home library. Continually bringing new entertainment content for everyone’s media library, their format includes DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. To discover more of what they have to offer please visit www.foxconnect.com.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR is the exact type of scary movie I love to see. I say constantly that I’d rather sit through a scary movie than a horror movie any day. The scary genre reaches deep in the mind helping to bring out the jumps, screams and “omg”’s that are always followed by nervous laughter. Being scared at the movie theatre is so much fun and now I get to be scared as often as I want at home and so should you with THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR on Bluray. Scary, creepy and absolutely fun surrounded by good cinematography gives this film my praise.

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The Bluray Special Features include Six Deleted Scenes, Behind the Door: Making of Featurette and a Still Gallery that are as chilling as the film.

Grab the family, make a grip of popcorn, blanket down and turn off the lights because that’s the only way to experience THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR this weekend!

In the end – some doors are never meant to be opened!