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Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray this week from DARK SKY FILMS and director Michael Thelin comes every parent’s nightmare when they want a date night leaving the kids home with EMELIE.

Dan (Chris Beetem) and Joyce (Susan Pourfar) plan a date night out to celebrate their 13th anniversary. When their regular babysitter is unable to sit with the kids, the couple begins to worry their date night is a bust.

Then they find Anna (Sarah Bolger), the parents think they’ve hit the jackpot. Instantly a hit with the kids, the parents are out the door for a night on the town. Anna bonds with big brother Jacob (Joshua Rush), Sally (Carly Adams) and little Christopher (Thomas Blair) by letting the kids do pretty much what ever they wanted.

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Thrilled by this, Jacob calls on buddie Howie (Dante Hoagland) to tell him the cool news about the new sitter. As the evening goes on, Anna begins to change slowly. Keeping the kids busy she begins to go through the house looking in every spot for what ever catches her eye. Jacob begins to suspect that something is seriously wrong – especially with Anna’s attentions towards little Christopher.

Going through Anna’s purse, Jacob makes a discovery that puts him in the position to save his sister and brother from a woman who clearly never intended to be the perfect babysitter. This young kid is about to become a young man who isn’t going to sit any longer!

Bolger as Anna looks like every other young girl who babysits. Immediately working on getting the children to like her, she learns what they like and don’t like in order to disarm them. Once she turned evil-sitter, Bolger brings a dead eyed stare that would have me creeped out…period!

Rush as Jacob is a young man who catches on fairly quickly. Once he does, Rush puts on his game face and does what it takes to save his siblings. The last ten minutes of the film I am totally cheering for this kid and gave the thumbs up once he put on the helmet (you’ll see). Rush does an amazing job taking on this tough role and he deserves serious kudos.

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Adams as Sally goes along to get along but the minute the snake scene is set in motion, this kid is going to be traumatized for life. Blair as Christopher also pulls off the reactions I would expect form a child seeing the things he does because of the sitter.

Beetem as Dan tries to make the night out good for him and wife played by Pourfar. There are small scenes between the two doing exactly what couples do when they get a chance to get out. It isn’t till the end that they are smashed into everything that has been going on behind their backs. Hoagland as Howie got the bad end of the deal from the crazy sitter.

Other cast include: Elizabeth Jayne as Maggie, Carl Bailey as Officer Morton, Robert Bozek as the Skinny Man, and Randi Langdon as Anna.

DARK SKY FILMS is an independent production company that has brought some amazing films from talented directors from Ti West’s THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and THE INNKEEPERS, and Jim Mickel’s STAKE LAND. Bringing original talent to projects, some of their slated films include WE ARE STILL HERE, DEATH GASM, APPLESAUSE AND CHERRY TREE.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give EMILIE four tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a psychological thriller that I’m sure parents won’t want t see but will. It is a cautionary tale about who you let near your kids and will probably have them renting movies and ordering in pizza for the next ten years! The kids in the film are totally awesome and playing off Bolger’s character in a film that is a tad disturbing makes their acting even more impressive.

The script takes viewers from one jaw dropping thing to the next. I never would have thought to put some of those scenes in their which makes EMILIE even more frightening. It is definitely a psychological thriller to be sure and I actually prefer these kinds of horror films. I’d rather let my mind do the freaking out not my eyes.

This is an awesome thriller so turn off the lights and let the creepiness come in for a night of chills!

In the end – the babysitter is here!