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Coming to Bluray from EntertainmentOne is the final season of one of SyFy’s epic tales based on ‘The Colorado Kid’ by Stephen King with HAVEN: The Final Season.

Nathan and Duke are attempting to come to terms with the fact that Mara has taken Audrey. When Nathan refuses to deal with it, Dwight is left taking care of Haven. That’s when the realization hits that Audrey-Mara have to be hidden from the Guard.

Dwight takes on Nathan even after he tries to explain that Audrey is still alive but not before Mara figures out how to make the troubles in Haven work to her advantage. When ghost troubles become part of Nathan’s life, Seth Byrne is called in to help.

Figuring out the connection between Audrey and Mara, Charlotte brings them together for a showdown and with Mara gone the problems in Haven now come from Duke.

haven 2

That doesn’t mean the town is any safer as a killer have come to Haven and Nathan is pointed out as the one. Once the trial starts, her fiancé Tony tells what he knows about the Aether cavern.

During a hypnosis session, Maddie discovers that Croatoan has been collecting aether so he no longer needs Dave to exist. Once he does the message is clear – he is coming for Audrey.

The time has come as allegiances shift and the mystery of the Croatoan is revealed – the town of Haven is in the middle of a showdown!

HAVEN aired on SyFy in the United States as Entertainment One now brings it to fans to watch again and again. For more of what EntertainmentOne has to offer please visit http://www.entertainmentone.com/home.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give HAVEN: The Final Season five tubs of popcorn out of five. I truly am sad that the series has ended. From the first episode the characters developed in such a way that fans wanted more and more. If you have ever been to San Diego Comic Con International then you know how HAVEN fans have reacted each year the cast has come to panel.

Taking apart every episode that ended up asking more questions than having answered was not only fun but a right of passage into the next season. The series is a serious feather in the cap of the SyFy network and they should be extremely proud of each and every episode and equally proud of the cast that made this series a hit.

This 4-Disc set features the final thirteen episodes including New World Order, Power, The Trial of Nathan Wuornos, Enter Sandman, Wild Card, Perditus, Just Passing Through, Close to Home, A Matter of Time, Blind Spot, The Widening Gyre, Now and Forever.

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More Bonus Features also include Mythology Refresher, 13 “Inside Haven”, Haven Archives: Entries from The Crocker Diaries, Haven Origins: Lovers Conquered All, Haven Origins: Trust Kills Fear, Featurettes, Livestream Segments with Cast and Crew, 13 Commentary Tracks, Interviews with Eric Balfour, Lucas Bryant, William Shatner, Adam Copeland and more!

Thank you EntertainmentOne for reminding us all of why we loved HAVEN so much and in glorious Bluray. Thank you SyFy, Eric Balfour, Lucas Bryant, Adam Copeland and Emily Rose for one episode of adventure after another in a town we will always remember as HAVEN!

In the end – who will end Haven?