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This week from writer/director Simon Pummell and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment comes a tale of  ‘what would you do’ if faced with IDENTICALS.

Slater (Lachlan Nieboer) is enjoying his life with a good job and being madly in love with girlfriend Nadia (Nora-Jane Noone). He is thrilled with Nadia puts together a romantic evening for them to enjoy. What neither was expecting was a knock at the door and chaos ensues.

That’s when he discovered the organization Brand New-U, a company that creates people who walk, talk and act like us all. Creating a new life gives the person an opportunity life upgrade. When he discovers that Nadia has been murdered and he has been pointed as the criminal, Slater agrees to become an Identical and start over with the caveat that he totally leaves his old life behind – breaking that rule brings consequences.

identicals 1

Starting a new life, Slater makes friends and tries to hide the fact that he can not forget Nadia. What makes it even more difficult is when he meets her once again. Trying to begin a relationship, Slater knows that she isn’t aware of their past relationship. That is when it happens again and Brand New-U decides it is time to enforce the “old life” rule taking Nadia away once again.

Now, Slater has to do what ever is asked of him in order to get back in the good graces of the organization – there is just one problem and she is right in front of him.

Nieboer as Slater is a dark character that has one goal – to find the woman he loves so desperately. When he is pushed into a corner Slater has no choice but to do whatever Brand New-U asks or face prison. Trying to break away and retain his memories and emotions, anyone watching the film would be right there with him. There is such a darkness to the way Nieboer plays this role and because he does it extremely well, the story is captivating to watch. There didn’t need to be much dialogue to truly understand what Slater was feeling.

Noone as Nadia has the opportunity to not only play her character again and again but give something different each time. From loving girlfriend, to terrified and confused back seat victim and finally a woman who forces Slater to choose, Noone not only looks lovely but totally rocks her character(s).

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Other cast includes: Tony Way as Santa, Jacinta Mulcahy as Abigail and Nick Blood as Joe.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give IDENTICALS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. The premise of the story is very interesting and I really wanted to know more. That’s the rub of it in that Brand New-U doesn’t want anyone to know that! The characters of Slater and Nadia carry the entire film and I loved where they took their roles.

The film also brings into question of what would we all do if there was a chance to “upgrade” our lives? Seriously, what would we be capable of doing if things went wrong and we had to correct it? More importantly, what would we be willing to do for the one we loved after signing our lives away? These are basic questions and trust me when I say the film goes even deeper. Living one life is difficult enough, imagine trying to live through our own parallel lives.

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The DVD includes the Special Features of Discussion with Writer/Director Simon Pummel and Visual Effects Breakdown. Trust me when I say the special effects are another amazing bonus of the film that I hope everyone will take the time to notice it in the film and watch on the special features.

In the end – none of us are as unique as we hope!