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Coming to theatres February 19th from SHOUT! Factory and director Jean-Francois Pouliot is an animated film for the whole family to enjoy when it comes to SNOWTIME!

Luke (voiced by Angela Galuppo)is an 11 year-old-boy who enjoys the company of his friends and his father’s bugle. So much so that along with his friends Frankie (Sandra Oh), Piers (Ross Lynch), Jack (Sonja Ball), Henry & George (Heidi Weeks), Chuck (Don Shepherd), Manolo (Sonja Ball), Fran (Jenna Wheeler), Nicky (Elisabeth MacRae), Daniel (Holly Gauthier) try to find new adventures to amuse themselves. From snow ball fights to secret meetings, the gang decide to create a large fort.

Sophie (Lucinda David) recently moved to the village and brings her team along wanting to join in. Sister Lucie (Angela Gallupo) wants to be in on everything except she doesn’t like the boys much.

With the last week of winter break on them, an elaborate snow fort is created and the defense of it begins. Each side plans a strategy but none of them could have ever predicted how far it would go…

…and one who will stop it all.

snow 2

The cast voices are just a joy to listen to because they are full of life and bring out the child in any adult who sees the film. The story of the childhoods in the film are totally relatable which easily captured my attention. Coming from snow country as a kid I remember the fun, the snow battles, the creativity and the beauty of snow days. I also remember the rough patches and SNOWTIME! brought it all back.

Some of my favorite characters are Manolo because he is always thinking and Lucie because she is such a little girl on fire. Personally I think these two characters remind me of my brother and sister when they were small. What a joy!

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SNOWTIME! four tubs of popcorn out of five. Not only is this amazing animation but the storyline is exactly what families can share together. There is humor, loyalty, friendships, what happens when a group makes the wrong decision and the love of a four legged friend.

The animation is colorful, clear and amazing – especially the beautiful panning of the village and scenery. For kids it will be easy to jump right into the fun and get to know each character and what they are made of. Some are outspoken, some are determined and some try to be something they are not to protect themselves.

There are so many life lessons here for both kids and adults alike. The storyline brings up many childhood issues that are tough for some kids and SNOWTIME! is an opportunity to discuss it all.

The addition of the amazing Celine Dion singing along with Simple Plan, Walk Off the Earth, Marie-Mai and Groenland is just fantastic.

snow 1

Writer and Executive Producer Paul Risacher says of the film, “I hope movie audiences will be entertained, particularly kids. I love it when kids are entertained.” Director Jean-Francois Pouliot says in capturing the film, “The purpose of tales is to have kids manage the hardships of life, allowing them to live in a story and understand how to manage that. The point of this story is to help kids learn to survive the difficult moments of life and let go.”

SNOWTIME! is based on the live-action classic LA GUERRE DES TUQUES (The Dog Who Stopped the War). This film is an adventure of hope and friendship and the relationships we create in childhood.

In the end – in childhood we learn who our friends truly are!