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On DVD and Bluray in time for an action packed holiday break from director Aleksander Bach and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a look at family with HITMAN: Agent 47.

Katia (Hannah Ware) is a woman with memories that don’t make sense to her. That is until one day when John Smith (Zachary Quinto) tells her that a hitman named Agent 47 (Rupert Friend) has been hired to kill her. When Agent 47 captures Katia, he explains that killing machines have been created. The last two digits of the barcode on the back of his neck is an identification that he is the 47th clone.

She learns that he is not only intelligent but is strong and has shocking fighting skills. He explains that she also has special skills if she only tapped into childhood memories. The only way to stop John Smith from carrying out his mission to kill them both, Katia must learn to use her special skills.

Agent 47 helps Katia find her father, Litvenko (Ciaran Hinds) to find even more answers as to why she was left behind and what happened to her mother. Uncovering the secrets that have been kept from them both, they stop at nothing to go against those who trained them to be killers.

Their DNA won’t allow them to stop!

hitman 1

Friend as the Hitman is a perfect choice to play this character. If you don’t believe me, see his character Peter Quinn in the massively successful HBO series HOMELAND. That is my first experience with this actor and he won me over instantly. I am a HOMELAND fan and can not wait for the next season. I wondered whether I could embrace this character and let me just say I had no problem embracing HITMAN. He is non-emotional, fast thinking, and isn’t about to let John Smith bring him down.

Ware as Katia is a quick study when it comes to realizing she has an ability that will serve her well. It’s hard for this character to trust either Smith or Hitman and that’s not surprising. Smith wants the information she has in her memory and Hitman also has an agenda that she can help with. It was interesting to watch this character come into her own.

hitman 2

Quinto as John Smith is as bad as he wants to be. He also was able to keep that Hitman control but there are moment that he loses it. Quinto has the remarkable ability to play both good and bad characters – and do it exceedingly well. I have to say I enjoy when this actor does the unexpected and in HITMAN: Agent 47 he gives unexpected a thrill.

Hinds as Litvenko is the total emotion of the film. Hitman and Katia are cool customers so Hinds brings a nice balance of thoughtfulness and even fatherly love. Remembering his wife, he shares that with Katia who doesn’t really know what to do with the memory. Hinds is another actor that always plays such unexpected characters which is probably why he is on my favsies list!

Other cast include: Jurgen Prochnow as Tobias, Rolf Kanies as Dr. Delriego, Sebastian Hulk as Garad, Jerry Hoffmann as Franco, Dan Bakkedahl as Sanders and Angelababy as Diana.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give HITMAN: Agent 47 three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Based on a successful video game, HITMAN brings the action full screen. The Bluray is rich in detail and just gives the action sharpness that I love. To be honest, I’d love to see another film with both Katia and Hitman because they are pretty damn cool together.

The Bluray includes the special features of Deleted Scenes, The Hit Counter, Re-Imagining Hitman, Ultimate Action: Staging the Fights, Hitman: Agent 47 Comic, Making of the Comic Book, Promotional Featurettes, Gallery, Poster Gallery and Theatrical Trailers.

In the end – you won’t know what hit you!