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Action packed on Bluray from director/writer Choi Dong-hoon and Well Go USA Entertainment comes a history about ASSASSINATION.

It is the 1930s and Korea is under the rule of Japan. Based in Manchuria are resistance fighters who have been in hiding. When orders come down for the assassination of Kawaguchi Mamoru (Shim Cheol-Jong) governor of Gyeongseong and businessman Kang In-gook (Lee Geung-young), they only want to send their best to do the job.

Yeom Seok-jin (Lee Jung-jae) sets out to look for a group who can do the job. He begins by locating the best sniper Ahn Ok-yun (Jun Ji-hyun) – a woman who doesn’t take her job lightly. Also, Big Gun (Cho Jin-woong) in prison for stealing weapons and Hwang Deok-sam (Choi Deok-moon), an explosive expert, round out the team.

What the team doesn’t know is that two hired assassins – Hawaii Pistole (Ha Jung-woo) and Old Man (Oh Dal-su) have been sent in by a mole to take them all out.

Ahn has another reason for wanting to finish the job, she believes that Kang In-gook is responsible for the death of her mother. While preparing for the mission, Ahn is shocked to see that her twin sister Mitsuko is alive. As their plan is put into motion, it seems that at every turn there plans are thwarted.

It isn’t until the secrets are revealed and the twists are turned that Ahn finds the strength to set it all right for herself and her comrades!

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Ji-hyun as Ahn is absolutely stunning. Here is this young woman who is a marksman yet knows very little about the things a young woman her age should which makes her completely endearing. This character is sharp and determined and understands the importance of loyalty and Ji-hyun brings it all to the screen. To the very end she is as relentless as she is patient. Playing this dual role was pretty cool as well. Smashingly well done!

Jung-woo as Hawaii Pistol is hired to do a job, what he doesn’t know is that being set up doesn’t bring in any extra benefits. When he and Ahn meet it is memorable! His charm is only equaled to his aim. Dal-su as Old Man wants the pay for the job and never lets “Money Girl” out of his sight. This character made me laugh several times and with the biggest grin, Dal-su made me forget a time or two what his job really was!

Geung-young as In-gook began the film with a plan that went wrong. Never bothering to correct it, it became clear that what goes around comes around but not exactly in the way he thought.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ASSASSINATION four tubs of popcorn out of five. Holy moly what a film filled with action, twists and turns, a storyline that is intense, history and by the end I was worn out but thrilled! I truly enjoyed every moment of the film because of everything listed above. There are more than a few things I’m leaving out of my review strictly because I don’t want to spoil anything.

ASSASSINATION comes in at 139 minutes and the Bluray makes it all worth it from start to finish. The era sets are so well done and the costuming is perfection. There isn’t anything about this film that I do not like.

The film won Best Actor for Lee Jung-Jae and Best Art Direction from the 24th Buil Film Awards. The 35th Korean Association of Film Critics gave ASSASSINATION Best Cinematography, Technical Award and Top 10 Film of the Year which it richly deserved. ASSASSINATION is currently nominated for 12 awards from the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

For action, adventure, martial arts, storytelling, cinematography and more, give yourself an early holiday gift by picking up ASSASSINATION on Bluray.

In the end – there are snipers, marksmen, hired guns and double agents oh my!




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